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The First Purge is now in theatres. See how it all began. I'm sure a lot of us have seen the first two purges. I'm sure a lot of us wonder how it all began. Well now you can find out. The First Purge now in theatres. Go see how it all began. Starring Y'lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Jermel Howard, Siya, and Mo McRae.

Jeremel Howard plays the role of Lorenzo "Zo". His character is strong, smart and a quick thinker. He is someone we all want on our side if The Purge was to become reality. The true meaning of a Ride A Die. He's that guy you have on speed dial, when you run into a situation. You know without hesistation he is going to drop everything and be there for you. The guy you know who is always going to have your back. The guy you know that will take a bullet for you if he had to.

If you haven't seen The Purge be sure to go check it out. You are guaranteed to walk out the theatre rememebring Zo.

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