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RIP Brains

Power Ep That Ain't Me

Well we are pretty sure a lot of the viewers were shocked at the outcome of Brains. Did any of you see it coming? Ray Ray came in there like he really cared about Brains and his boy well being. We just knew after Brains had his mini talk with Tariq that every thing was good. Nope, Ray Ray was not convinced. The crazy part is Brains let his guard down with Ray Ray. Ray was not happy with them killing the lady. She would still be alive if Tariq didn't yell out "Brains Make Him Stop!" and Brains would still be alive.

Well Ray Ray was making sure there were no loose ends and blew Brains out (no pun intended) and caught his boy in the back. Seems like Kanan (50 Cent) is going out with a bang. NO ONE IS SAFE!! RIP Brains.

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