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Power Ep It's Done

This episode was the most talked about episode. We seen him in the past few episodes doing popups here and there, but no one knew who he was. We now know he is Brains. This episode shows Tariq thinking he is ready to be a man and to be apart of the in crowd. Tariq really sees what it takes to be down. Tariq did the worse thing you can do. He called out Brains name, while his was robbing someones house. We all know that is a big No No. This calls for Brains to shoot the victim. But, wait what does Tariq do-------HE RUNS!!!!!. Now it leaves us all wondering will Brains find Tariq and kill him? Will Tariq go off to school in Connecticut? Will Brains have to deal with Uncle Tommy? Will Brains have to deal with Ghost? Inquiring minds want to know, but inquiring minds will have to wait for August 20th episode.

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