February 1, 2020

Jermel Howard plays Treach In New Biopic: Salt N Peppa

July 21, 2018

The First Purge is now in theatres. See how it all began. I'm sure a lot of us have seen the first two purges. I'm sure a lot of us wonder how it all began. Well now you can find out. The First Purge now in theatres. Go see how it all began. Star...

September 24, 2017

Jermel Howard is currently in Buffalo, NY filming a new movie. O how we wish we can share more with you about the film and the role Jermel will play. Just know this is something we will all want to see. It's one of the films, we know every one wo...

September 21, 2017

Jermel Howard attended the Urban Film Festival with his cast mates from Tales "Trap Queen" which will air on BET on October 10 right after the BET Awards. Jermel Howard is playing Tyrone along side Lance Gross, Michelle Mitchenor, Woody McClain,...

August 22, 2017

Power Ep That Ain't Me

Well we are pretty sure a lot of the viewers were shocked at the outcome of Brains. Did any of you see it coming? Ray Ray came in there like he really cared about Brains and his boy well being.  We just knew after Brains had...

August 18, 2017

All Eyez On Me starring Demetrius Shipp Jr (Tupac Shakur), Danai Gurira (Afeni Shakur), Kat Graham (Jada Pinkett) , Hill Harper (Interviewer), Jermel Howard (Mopreme Shakur) and more is scheduled to release...

August 14, 2017

Power Ep It's Done

This episode was the most talked about episode. We seen him in the past few episodes doing popups here and there, but no one knew who he was. We now know he is Brains. This episode shows Tariq thinking he is ready to be a m...

July 16, 2017

Power Ep We're In This Together

We are still trying to figure out who he is. So we know now he is team Kanan and appears to be down for whatever. We know he just got out and not trying to go back in. But who is he? 

July 9, 2017

Power Ep The Kind of Man You Are

First off, we know viewers are wondering how is Kanan still walking around and no one has seen him. Who is the real Ghost? 

Now Kanan is walking around with another dude robbing houses and we have a feeling thi...

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Salt N Peppa New Biopic Coming To Lifetime TV