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Actor, Writer, Producer Jermel Howard has offically released his magazine B'LIEVE. Featuring Oscar and Academy Award Winner Mahershala Ali. 

This book will let women know more about the things we do as men and why, and also how to maintain and figure out how to keep your relationship together. This isn't sugar coated this is a blunt informal book, you will love it.

Reviews on How Men Act In A Relationship and Why?

  • This was a great informative booklet with some good helpful advice. It was a wonderful fast read with relatable examples. Awesome job!-Regina D. Riley

  • It's a good book to read. It put a lot of things into perspective for me, even though it's one persons opinion it makes a lot of since.-Bobbi

  • ​This book definitely provided a clear man's point of view. It was a fast, funny, enjoyable and real informative read.-Anonymous

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