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About Me

Jermel Howard is a passionate major network Actor, Author, and Writer. If you've been living under a rock and do not know who this amazing gentleman is let's get you hip to the game! From the heart of Long Island, New York where there wasn't much opportunity in the community.  Let's be honest though - everything truly awesome comes out of NYC. He then ventured out in pursuit of mastering his craft. In his search, he found that all he truly needed was to focus on his dream and to have the will to keep pushing forward, in preparation for the opportunity (even if times seem bad). Being able to have confidence in yourself as well as what you do is a beautiful thing.  Learning this sharpened his mind and skill set. He has made appearances as guest-star/co-star on award-winning Television shows and Films.


Acting opportunities such as the one and only “Law & Order” (2011), NYC 22 (2012) produced by Robert Deniro; “Golden Boy”(2013), “Major Crimes” (2013); the role of Donte’ in the Netflix hit series “Orange Is The New Black”;  "Oz" and “Person of Interest” (2014) 


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